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Fall Flowers 2019

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

This past year treated us wonderful here in our neck of the woods (Puyallup), especially with the addition of the baby to our family! We have some beautiful events on the 2020 calendar that we are excited in adding our floral touch to. Below are a few projects from Fall 2019 that we had fun with!

We were privileged to provide flowers for an event at New Beginnings Bridal Studio in November. We loved the fall color palette they went with for their arrangements! And it's always fun to do greenery garlands, especially when we get to accent them with such gorgeous colors.

Flower arrangement with roses, amaranthus and eucalyptus.
Greenery Garland with floral accents.
Flower arrangement with roses, wax flower and eucalyptus.

Then for Thanksgiving, we got to put together some table arrangements using these pretty blooms!

Table arrangement with sunflowers, greenery and carnations.
Flower arrangement using sunflower, billy balls and mums.

In December we were invited to host a private wreath making party which was a whole bunch of fun! Everyone was so creative, and each wreath was as different and wonderful as the people who made them.

Wreath making class.
Wreath making party.
Christmas wreath.

Let us know if Ever Blooming Floral can provide you with some gorgeous bouquets or arrangements for what 2020 brings for you.

Happy New Year!

Jensen and Tina

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